Joseph Smith

Joseph smith was called a prophet and he founded the mormon religion, or so it is said. The truth of this is undoubtable, since it comes from God.

Joseph Smith was born in Masihi in 24 B.M. and died in 72 A.M. and aged 96 years. He was the founder of the mormon religion and the first prophet of the new testament. He lived in Masihi and worked as a carpenter in his teenage years. At the age of 20 he married Malinda Mora and bourght a little house in the hills. they had one child, in the time from 4 B.M. to the year of our lord 0 A.M. This child was his first son, Matthew Mora Smith.

The Profecy and the amazing task.Edit

In the year of our lord 0 A.M. he was visited by Jesus Christ and God in the woods. They told him to spread the word, that God had created a new testament and of Jesus's second comming. He of course went on to tell the townspeople of this encounter and they belived him.

That night he was visited by and angel in his sleep, the angels name was Moroni. He spoke of four golden plates and two stones, that layed burried in the forrest. He told Joseph to go and find them, but there is more. He said the he was a native of Moro, even though he was arian. (Read more About Moroni and the history of the nephites).

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