Localised in the city of Dale, Lehi University was founded in 105 A.M. Bye Sam Morrison. It has since been the meetingplace for many brilliant scientists. Well known for it's statistics department and their amazing researchers, it has stood a sheer milestone in the development of our society. It is perhaps the most prestigeous university in the world, since it has produced so many great men and women.


The Lehi University in the city of Dale.

Being over 800 years old, is has been kept well, as a cathedral above the city. As it is the only place in the promised land where you will find the awesome Cherubium, the highly radioactive metal of weapons grade. A metal that has made our place in the world visible, by our power of almost devine destruction.

Great menEdit

As a tribute, here is a minor list of the finest men of their trades. All of whom have studied here and graduated in the end.

Timmothy Sangton (90-173)

John Maraiah (256- 367)

Anica Lemen (235-318)

Dorian Maldovar (679-766)

Obediah Dee (911-)

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