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Information about the land of promise and the endeavours of Joseph Smith and the Lord God our savior.

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This is the official wiki of The Promised Land, the land gives to us by God. As found by Joseph Smith after crossing the dessert. This is also a site about education, for people who wish to know our proud history. This includes, but is not limited to: Our science, our religion, our culture and of course our history and society. We asure you, that everything comes right from the source, our great prophets and masters. Just do a quick search an
Promised Land Flag

Our great flag, as designed by Obediah Dee.

d we will come with the most apropriate answer in the form of a well formed article. If you are unfamiliar with our country, this is surely the place to be.

We have taken the liberty, to post our newly adopted falg along with this introduction of our site. If you dont already know it, it is called "The Journeys Mark". This is because of its history and symbolism, feel free to do a search for it and learn of it and our proud nation.

Latest activityEdit

  • new page Lehi University
    created by Anders.winther.9
    New page: Localised in the city of Dale, Lehi University was founded in 105 A.M. Bye Sam Morrison. It has since been the meetingplace for many brilliant...
    Summary: Lehi University
    Added photo:
  • edit National anthem
    edited by Anders.winther.9 diff
  • new page National anthem
    created by Anders.winther.9
    New page:  Our national anthem is a storry written i verses, about the founding of mormonism. It was written by Josephs wife and goed at follows: Joseph...
    Summary: National anthem
    Added photo:
  • edit Geography and Climate
    edited by Anders.winther.9 diff
  • new page Geography and Climate
    created by Anders.winther.9
    New page: The promised land lies in the tropical and the subtropical climate belts, so of course it is a warm country. We have many savannahs and large...
    Summary: Climate ang geography
    Added photo:
  • new page Language
    created by Anders.winther.9
    New page: In the promised land we speak the noble language called enochian, first written down by the great John Dee. Even though it is also a written...
    Summary: Our language
  • new page Codex
    created by Anders.winther.9
    New page:  In the promised land, we live by one supreme codex. All other lawn are under it, for it is out creed of life. First decreed by Joseph Smith in 4...
    Summary: Our country's codex
    Added photo:
  • edit Moroni
    edited by Anders.winther.9 diff
    Summary: The angel Moroni
  • new page Moroni
    created by Anders.winther.9
    New page: Moroni is the name of the messenger angel, aside from Gabriel. Moroni was specifically the angel, who spoke to JOseph smith in his dreams. Although...
    Added photo:
  • new page Joseph Smith
    created by Anders.winther.9
    New page: Joseph smith was called a prophet and he founded the mormon religion, or so it is said. The truth of this is undoubtable, since it comes from God....
    Added photo:

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The angel Moroni, the sign of the free church of Jesus Christ and the latter-day saints.

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